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The cook is in!

Welcome! While Wear the Apron gets up and running, I’ll just say a quick hello. I’m Elizabeth, a home-cook, sometimes wanna-be chef, who loves to make the food I eat. I cook and bake from a diverse collection of recipes and homemade concoctions—from cornmeal-crusted fried green tomatoes to Indian curries, good-for-you pastas and scrumptious desserts. I’ll try anything once, and sometimes twice, and I have a knack for choosing tasty dishes that will satisfy for dinner and lunch the next day.

We’re in the last days of summer here in Chicago, which is keeping me busy. Between the weekly CSA box, our local farmers markets and our tiny vegetable plot in the city park, the fridge is always full, and we’re eating in nearly every night. It’s been wonderful, and as you read WTA, you’ll get to know my passion for fresh, delicious and healthy food.

The posts may be a little slow at first, but I’ll aim to post one to two recipes a week. Stay in touch, and I promise, you’ll want to get back to the kitchen too!