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Blood Orange, Celery and Bulgur Salad

As spring finally begins to show herself in Chicago, I’m eagerly readying to the fact that tiny green leaves and vegetables will beckon me back to the kitchen. Because if January was a long, cold and dreary month, February and March were even more of challenge. The ground was frozen solid, not a fresh thing had grown in months, our winter farm share ended, and I was personally challenged with a low-iodine diet that made eating feel more like torture than pleasure. Now that’s over, and I’m glad April is here.

Orange Rosemary Oatmeal Cookies

These orange, currant and herb-flecked oatmeal cookies are a nice departure from your traditional oatmeal raisin cookie. They are slightly sweet, almost savory, but still soft in the middle.

Parsley Walnut Pesto

My take on pesto when basil is hard to find, and it’s economical to boot! It’s also a great recipe to freeze for impromptu pastas, pizzas, sandwich spreads and as a kick to vegetable soup.